Leaving Bitterness Behind


Sharp words. Resentment. Defensiveness. Bitterness can manifest itself in many ways, but no matter what form it takes its result is always the same: it pushes others away, even those we love most.

Bitterness is poison in one’s soul. It is opposed to the charity we are called to in the Christian life, and it leaves little room for the healing we need of our past hurts in order to live the call to love.

But the one who laid down his life for us invites us on the journey away from bitterness. The divine physician is waiting to heal our wounds. He invites us to travel this road, and he is with us every step of the way.

This book is meant to help you take the first steps toward finding the freedom that comes from leaving bitterness behind. Doing so will enable you to build better relationships with those you love, to live a more joy-filled life, and to enter into a deeper relationship with the great healer, our Lord Jesus.

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