Why Is This Happening?


I know I have been on hiatus for the past 19months according to my last post on this blog. Life is full, and it’s not that I stopped writing, I just didn’t make blog writing a priority. Admiration is warranted to those bloggers who manage to make the time to post blogs as often as every week, or multiple times a week.

This blog was never meant to be an on-line diary so I don’t usually share my updates. However, I will briefly let you know that 15 months ago we welcomed another baby boy into our family and I have published my first book!

We all go through seasons in our life when we are overwhelmed with the blessings we are receiving and then others seasons when we feel like we can’t take anything else going wrong. The last 19 months has been no different for me. The strangest feeling is when both of those seasons seem to be happening simultaneously. When we are receiving so many blessings while also enduring the cross, or watching those we love struggle with their cross.

When those tough times hit, and hit hard, the temptation comes for us to ask “Why?” The questions itself is not a bad question. Our human nature demands an explanation for everything, including why things happen the way they do.

However difficult it is to accept, sometimes this question is not answered. Part of the life of faith is accepting that we may never get the answer to this question. Not knowing ‘why’ is how we know we are not in control of every aspect of our lives. There are some things in life we cannot control, therefore we do not and
may never know why circumstances are what they are.

In my book, “Leaving Bitterness Behind” I mention that when we ask God, “Why is this happening to me?” it is really a question of trust. Do we or can we really trust God? We forget that God is a loving Father, and like any good parent, sometimes He will allow bad things to happen to us, for our own good. We may not understand it. We certainly may not like it. If we trust Him, He can make something good come from our suffering. We need to hold on to that faith, while we don’t understand why things are happening now, we hold on to the hope that one day we will come to understand, and it may not be in this life.

Like children, we don’t see the whole picture. We only see what is in front of us now. God can see the whole picture, He knows how what we are going through now, will affect the situations we face in the future. We have to trust that He is preparing us, molding us, shaping us, carving us into the best vers
ion of ourselves. Being shaped, molded and carved is not a painless process.

Knowing why isn’t always necessary anyway. Once we accept that we may never know why, then we are free to move on. Fight the good fight. Do what needs to be done and keep moving forward. In doing this, we experience a lasting peace and freedom.