Tima Borges

Tima Borges

Having  earned a certificate in a writers program “Breaking Into Print” in 2012, Tima is working hard to do just that. Living out her vocation as a wife, mother, and writer. Tima graduated from college in 1996 with a certificate in Law & Security, Loss Prevention Management. She left the workforce in 2009 to focus on her family.  For six years she managed “Little Ways Home Daycare” while home-schooling one of her three sons, which filled her heart and her home with the laughter and energy that little children bring. Now, she is a full-time home-schooling mom of four boys. A few years ago, Tima rediscovered a love for her Catholic roots and her passion for writing. She is now very active in her mission to be a light of hope for others while continuing to grow in knowledge and virtue. She works with engaged couples preparing for marriage, and assists with coordinating faith-based events for women and families in her local community through Regnum Christi Ontario at www.regnumchristiontario.org. She has occasionally been invited to speak at such events, sharing her powerful testimony of God working in her life.

Follow this blog to read insights on Tima’s favorite books and movies. Stay informed on her most recent activities and writing projects. Tima is currently writing a Young Adult novel titled, “Hope at Hell’s Gate”, and non fiction book, titled, “Leaving Bitterness Behind”.  Your support, comments and prayers are welcomed and appreciated.

Find Tima Borges on Twitter: @timaborges  or read posts from her very first blog: http://livingwater2009.wordpress.com/


One thought on “Tima Borges

  1. Your inspiring witness “Church Teaching Changed our Lives” is the type of story published on JOYAlive.net in our collection of conversion stories. I’d love to post your story, first as a guest blog, then as a permanent feature on the tab “Joy Stories.” Please check this out and l let me know.


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