Armed for Battle


As I sent of my eldest son to an overnight school camp and my husband off to work early this morning, I had this overwhelming sense that I was sending them off to battle. Every time they leave for school and work they are in a battle, a spiritual battle.

My men face temptations, attractions and allurements that promise them pleasure, enjoyment, distraction and temporary happiness. We know there is more to the world then what we physically see with our eyes. Knowing that the devil and other evil spirits are prowling the earth seeking the destruction of souls makes me wonder if we are armed for the battle. Even if the devil and the evil spirits cannot persuade us to disown our faith or loyalty to Christ, they can attempt to divert us from doing the will of God by distracting us with ‘good’ things that weigh us down or make us indifferent towards the things of God. The devil will show us a means of escape so we will stop fighting the battle.

Consolation comes in knowing that when we make ourselves lowly, little, like children before God, he sends his angels, our own personal army to watch over us and guard us. The greatest danger we put ourselves in, is thinking we alone possess the strength to ‘refuse evil and choose good.’ Our strength comes from God alone, his angels are his troops whom he sends to battle for us. We must be humble enough to ask for his help. When we approach God as a child approaches their earthly father for help, he will not desert us. He not only sends us an army to fight for us, he equips us with spiritual weapons.  He gives us his shield of faith, the breastplate of righteousness, etc., so we can resist the devil and his lies, and empty promises.

  When I sent my men off this morning it was with a blessing and a prayer. I pray they are like the characters in my book who know how to use their supernatural gifts. My hope is that my men are armed for battle, with prayer, eyes of ‘truth’ and humility before God so that they may turn away from worldly attractions, temptations, distractions and lies.

Today as the Church remembers our Guardian Angels let us not be fools in facing the spiritual battle alone. Let us instead call on our Guardians daily to join us and guard us in battle.

Angel of God, My Guardian Dear

To whom God’s love entrusts me here

Ever this day, be at my side

To rule and guard,

To light and guide.



3 thoughts on “Armed for Battle

  1. TIma says:

    Thank you Lisa and Andrea for your comments. Be assured of my prayers for you as we continue in the battle.

  2. Lisa says:

    Battles are everywhere. We all have to remember this and pray for His strength for the sanctity of our marriages and the strength and success of our families. Thank you for your blog and helping to enlighten us. Your words are invaluable in reminding us that we are not alone and with keeping strong in our faith our battles will become easier to overcome.

  3. Andrea says:

    Tima, thanks for such inspirational blog. It is such a gift and blessing God has giving us, He gave us our own Guardian Angel. Thanks for sharing this because helps me to be aware to assist my children, my husband and myself to pray everyday to our Guardian Angel.


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